Pimp My PC - Episode 1 The Pimping Menace.

So we're deciding to end like & share giveaways , they're boring - old news , so 2010s.

It's 2020 baby and that means you've got an old rusting bucket PC that needs dusting & upgrading.

So why not let Mr PhoeniXzibit pimp your PC.

One lucky winner will get there current rig upgraded.

Said lucky winner will be chosen by you - not us.

So , how do you enter?

Fill in the form below and you're entered.

This Months Pimp My PC Finalists!

Massum's Monstrosity

'''I’m a full time student, studying Level 3 BTEC Animation and Game Designs. I mainly use my pc for Gaming, Adobe Softwares and 3D animation and modelling - also will be using them for University that I’ll be attending to in September. The pc isn’t as powerful as it looks but can manage some parts of the softwares. Sorry if the images aren’t as clear as shown. And looking into having the pc maintain streaming games or other softwares in the future :) the graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745. Thanks.''

Lorence's Labour of Love

Bought in the summer of 2018, my beloved HP z210 bought for a pretty good deal (at the time) of £150. The parts are an Intel Xeon E3-1230 with 1333mhz 8GB ram (having a hard time running some games with these ram sticks haha) and a NVIDEA GTX 960 2GB GPU. This rig was my first ever gaming pc, hence the budget ;) it did run most of the games I wanted to play, mainly esports titles like LOL, CSGO, Overwatch and FIFA. then last June scrolling through facebook marketplace (some insane deals btw good and bad) I found someone selling an STRIX RX 580 8GB for only £125 in my area!!! what a deal that was. fast forward a couple months and I wanted to be edgy and spray painted my mustard coloured power supply cables (what a disaster). All in all, i love my machine even though ive been wanting to upgrade for a long time, it still kicks some 1080p ass ("some"). and yes i taped my new power supply in because this case does not fit a regualr atx power supply and i had to use an 24 to 18pin connection for it to work with this motherboard.

Gordon's Ghastly Gaming PC

Im Gordon, Im 33 from scotland and im a courier by day, and usually hit the racetrack in my driftcar at the weekends (providing i havnt broken or crashed it) My pc is powered by an AMD FX-8370 3.60Ghz, 16gb of ram and an msi 4gb graphics card (dont know what one) < its getting on a bit now , I dont get to play as much games on it as id like to these days as the case it is in is utterly rubbish for airflow and regularly im hitting temps of 75 degrees plus for extended periods whilst playing games so im relegated to watching videos on my pc and playing my xbox more. I mainly play racing simulators though i do play planet coaster and gta 5 when i get the chance to. Also i never got round to monitors so im putting it all through a 55 inch tv but ideally would like to swap to a 27" triple monitor setup.

Leo's Long Lost Relic

Ever since 2009, I saw people on a website called YouTube play games and upload there video's onto it. Later on people started to do Livestreams and what not. I've always been interested in technology and I've always wanted to livestream and edit video's but my mums computer from 2006 with a core 2 duo didn't help with that :/ I tried my best with recording minecraft and uploading it but the game would run at 20fps with the lowest settings and fraps which was what I used at the time would take a ton of storage and create a lot of lag. Furthermore, I didn't have a headset, mic or anything really.

I'm a college student who doesn't work so I don't have money to spend on building a PC unfortunately.

Anyways, I'd like to think that I'm a cheerful person and always think positively. I hope you enjoyed reading my story :)